What discounts do you offer?
We currently have a buy 1 get 3 free deal. Please add all 4 beats to your cart to activate the discount.
How do I buy beats?
Click the +ADD button for the track you’ve selected to simply start the checkout process. Don’t worry you can always go back and add more. You may selected multiple beats with the same licenses to automatically generate a current discount (see current deals on beat player). Please add all beats to cart to activate the special. Once you are ready you can complete the purchase right through the store above via PayPal. A PayPal account is not needed for purchase.
How do I download my beats?
Beats will be sent out instantly to the email address you provide when you checkout. You can download all your beat files and licences from the email. Be sure to check your SPAM mail if you don't get the email straight away.
Can I Post My Song On Youtube?
If you purchased any of our licenses, you're allowed to post the song you make with that beat on YouTube! The non-exclusive license agreement allows you to post the songs you make with the beats on YouTube as music videos, songs with pictures, etc. Technically we don't allow Youtube monetization unless you buy the exclusive rights. Youtube's content ID system makes it tricky since if you register the song, then Youtube will attempt to to collect advertising revenue from The Legion's Youtube channel and anyone else who might have the non-exclusive license. So we ask that if you distribute the song through CDBaby or a similar service that you don't use the content ID offer. You can still post the song to your YouTube channel without any problems.
How Much Do Exclusive Rights Cost?
Please see our current selection of beats available with exclusive rights by going to the "Exclusive Beats" section of our website in the menu above.
Do You Make Custom Beats?
Custom beats start at $800 with hooks from Breana being an additional $450 and can vary depending on the project. If you're interested, please let us know what you're looking for by emailing dreamlifebeats@gmail.com
Are The Beats With Hooks Available With Exclusive Rights?
No, due to the contract I have in place with my writers and singers, the beats with hooks are available for lease only. We do offer an Unlimited lease rights package. For custom beats with hooks please contact us - dreamlifebeats@gmail.com